surfacing colour SWATCH

TPV/EPDM Colour Swatch:


RH41 Bright Yellow RH30 Beige RH10 Standard Green RH 20 Standard Blue
RH41 Bright Yellow/Yellow 200 RH30 Beige/ Beige 210 RH10 Standard Green/Reseda Green 470 RH20 Standard Blue/Capri Blue 150
RH01 Standard Red RH31 Cream RH50 Orange RH40 Mustard Yellow
RH01 Standard Red/Red 000 RH31 Cream/Pearl 290 RH50 Orange/Orange 550 RH40 Mustard Yellow/Earth Yellow 570
RH61 Light Grey RH23 Azure Blue RH11 Bright Green RH21 Purple
RH61 Medium Grey/Light Grey 380 RH23 Azure Blue/Teal 580 RH11 Bright Green/May Green 410 RH21 Purple/Purple 340
RH60 Dark Grey RH22 Sky Blue RH02 Bright Red RH32 Brown
RH60 Dark Grey/Slate Grey 310 RH22 Light Blue/Sky Blue 180 RH02 Bright Red/Rose 750 RH32 Brown/Brown 280


EPDM Full Colour Range Swatch:



The illustrated colour may not represent the accurate colour of the crumb. Please request for product samples to review the exact colour.