softline 100% recycled rubber curbstop

The 100% recycled rubber CurbStop is the ultimate parking curb application that is very easy to install and also absorbs the damage of accidental parking.   A greater advantage to you - less insurance claims (administration costs) and quicker installation.   These CurbStops are available in standard black or can be custom designed to meet your needs.  As an extra bonus these are manufactured in Alberta using Alberta's recycled rubber - another step toward your green objectives! 




Softline CurbStop dimensions:

Standard CurbStop Metric Imperial
Length 1829mm 72"
Height 127mm 5"
Width 152mm 6"
Weight 40lbs 18kg
**Custom Size Manufacturing available - please call for more detail.    


Installation services available for orders over 150 CurbStops.  Please contact our offices for rates and further details.


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