Industrial Matting Solutions

IndustriBubble™ Matting Solutions

Item #: IB0514

IndustriBubble Mat


The IndustriBubble™ matting is ergonomically designed for comfort and durability. Molded, beveled edges on all sides allow for easy small equipment maneuvering and provide added safety measures. This system is ideal for industrial centres, work centres and assembly lines.





IB2436-B  IndustriBubble Mat  24" x 36" x 5/8" [L x W x H]  10 lbs

IB3648-B  IndustriBubble Mat  36" x 48" x 5/8" [L x W x H]  23 lbs


Black with Yellow Borders: 

IB2436-BY  IndustriBubble Mat  24" x 36" x 5/8" [L x W x H]  10 lbs

IB3648-BY  IndustriBubble Mat  36" x 48" x 5/8" [L x W x H]  23 lbs



IndustriBubble Mat Modular


Compounded with SBR/NRnon-staining, non-marking rubber, this product is a proven solution for a wide variety of applications. The Modular Mat comes as a solid or a drainage mat. The interlocking mechanism of the modular system is top of its class, and will not come apart even in the toughtest applications.





IBMS3636-B  IndustriBubble Mat Modular Solid  36" x 36" x 5/8" [L x W x H]  19 lbs

IBMD3636-B  IndustriBubble Mat Modular Drain 36" x 36" x 5/8" [L x W x H]  17 lbs

IBMBC-B  IndustriBubble Mat Modular Beveled Corner  2 lbs

IBMBE-B  IndustriBubble Mat Modular Beveled Edge  2lbs


Black with Yellow Borders:

IBMBC-BY  IndustriBubble Mat Modular Beveled Corner  2 lbs

IBMBE-BY  IndustriBubble Mat Modular Beveled Edge  2lbs



IndustriBubble Roll Mat


The IndustriBubble Roll Mat has been developed for extreme conditions. The durable SBR/NR rubber compound can withstand conditions that most mats will not tolerate. The mat is available in roll form and can be cut to neccessary size required for gyms, fitness centers, and agricultural applications.




IBR363-B 36' x 3' x 5/8" [L x W x H]

IBR364-B 36' x 4' x 5/8" [L x W x H]