Our commitment to quality is the unparalleled focus to deliver high-quality products and service to our customers. Quality assurance measures are strictly followed for every project to ensure the customer receives the best.


As part of our commitment to our customers and greener production practices, Softline Solutions AB Inc. has carried out continuous research studies on the safe-surfacing needs of our clients.  Our 100% recycled products ensure that our clients experience superior safety surfacing products that can qualify them for many environmental reward programs.


Testing is carried out by accredited laboratories on materials and sample surfaces to help us continuously improve our product range and performance. These include regular TRIAX2010 tests (ASTM F1292) and UV stability tests.


All surfaces can be tested by our TRIAX2010 drop test unit to ensure surfaces meet ASTM F1292 standards. This is operated by our qualified field technicians who can issue computerized reports of the Critical Fall Heights giving HICs and G Max ratings.


Over the years, Softline Solutions has built an impressive collection of data that continues to grow every day. We invite you to learn more about our research, our products, and our strong commitment to our customers.