Playground Inspections 


Did you know? 

Every year in Canada, an estimated 28,500 children are treated in emergency departments and hospitals for playground injuries. (Sourced from:


Softline is committed to making playgrounds and playspaces safe areas. As a part of their playground safety program, Softline maintains a CPRA Canadian Playground Certified Inspector on staff to complete comprehensive playground inspections according to the CAN/CSA Z614 "Children's Playspaces and Equipment" standards.


The Canadian Standards Association (CSA) has developed the only nationally recognized standard for children's play areas. This standard is known as the CAN/CSA Z614 “Children’s Playspaces and Equipment” . The CAN/CSA Z614 standard provides detailed information about materials, installation, strength of the equipment, surfacing, inspection, maintenance, performance requirements, access to the playground, play space layout and specifications for each type of equipment. 



TIP: Playground inspections must be completed by a Certified Playground Inspector.  Always ask for a current proof that the inspector is certified by the Canadian Parks and Recreation Association (CPRA) or Ontario Parks Association, Institut National de Santé Publique du Québec (INSPQ).


 - Daily/Weekly Inspections:

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 - Monthly Inspections:

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 - Annual Comprehensive Playground Inspection Report

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