PhysiSurface™: The Superior Outdoor Safety Surface System

Running and playing on worn-out and cracked surfaces are not just a drag on your outdoor activities; it can actually be dangerous to your health.  Tough surfaces fatigue your body, leading to a greater chance of injury or accidents.  That is why sport turfs, tracks, tennis courts, and outdoor paths that feature Softline Solutions’ PhysiSurface™ – an innovative outdoor safety surface system – provide hours of exercise, fun and enjoyment without the fatigue.  Do not let the surface of your favorite track, tennis court or running path knock you out of the game.  Trust Softline Solutions for a superior outdoor safety surface system.


What Makes PhysiSurface™ Unique?

PhysiSurface™ composes of a base (resilient) layer made of non-toxic, 100% recycled rubber and a top (wear) layer providing the finished surface.  In other words, our outdoor safety surfacing can minimize the fatigue your body experiences during your tennis game or morning run. 


Like all Softline Solutions’ rubber surface products, PhysiSurface™ can be installed in compliance with critical fall heights (CFH) and the American Disabilities Act (ADA).


Our design team can customize your outdoor safety surface with logos, colors, mounts, and other unique surface contours.  No matter what your vision is for outdoor safety surfacing, Softline Solutions can turn it into a beautiful reality.


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