FlexiStep: WALKING TRAILS & Golf Paths

Cracked, worn-out walking trails, courtyards and golf trails are not just aesthetic eyesores – they also present considerable danger to the health and safety of your clients. These surfaces fatigue muscles and can increase the likelihood that your clients could trip and fall on the cracks and edges of your trails and courtyards. Whether you operate a senior home or manage the aesthetics of the local golf club, it is important to ensure that your clients are safe and are rewarded with the use of superior rubber surfaces. That is why more businesses and municipalities turn to Softline Solutions for the ultimate choice in trail application surfaces.


A Unique Application for Walking Trails & Golf Paths

FlexiStep™ is a unique and innovative trail application surface that is resilient, safe, and minimizes the fatigue muscles encounter when walking on trails.  FlexiStep™ is unique to the industry for providing aesthetically pleasing surfaces for our clients that are made of 100% recycled rubber crumb materials, all of which are locally sourced.  FlexiStep™ can also be used as permeable pavement for sensitive landscape environments.

What Makes FlexiStep™ Unique?

FlexiStep™ combines the best of rubber surfacing with environmental and aesthetic quality.  Our trail application surface complies with LEED requirements, which means your facility could qualify for Municipal Tire Stewardship Grants. 

Additionally, FlexiStep™ can be customized based on your trail surface.  Whether you want to design your walking trail with unique colors or feature your corporate logo on your courtyard, Softline Solutions can turn your vision into reality.


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