playtime value increases: broadmoor lake park Redevelopment


Broadmoor Park Redevelopment


Broadmoor Park Redevelopment

Softline Solutions was selected as contractor to complete this project which included removal of the old playground, excavation, installation of a service building, concrete works, equipment and installation of the waterpark. The equipment includes the Kompan Skywalk structure and the UPC Rocks and Ropes structures.  Softline has installed the FirstBase™ impact surfacing through the playground area, a FlexiStep™ pathway and SealFloor™ waterpark surface.  The waterpark surfacing also features our SplashSafe™ sealant system which ensures a 100% sealed surface. 


This playground has been designed using the feedback from the community and is the most modern and fascinating playground in Sherwood Park.  Softline Solutions is pleased to have been involved in such a great playground design.  The mayor of Strathcona County officially opened this playground July 1, 2015 and the event was attended by thousands of people!



Broadmoor Park pour in place has saved 13,079 tires from reaching the landfill!




With the Broadmoor Spray Park and Playground project completed and behind us, I wanted to take the time to let you know what a pleasure it has been working with you and your entire team at Softline Solutions.  The leadership, determination, and high quality workmanship standards shown by yourself and your team has led directly to the success of the Broadmoor Spray Park and Playground.  As I have mentioned many times, my experience working with you and your team at Softline Solutions has been excellent. I am very pleased to have worked with you on this project, and I would happily consider you for further projects with Strathcona County.


The Broadmoor Spray Park and Playground has been a highly successful project by with rave reviews by all users. Joe Kenny was able to complete the Broadmoor Project ahead of schedule and below estimated budget costs.  I thank you for your hard work, especially with respect to taking care of all of our clients’ needs and individual concerns.


As always I will look forward to working with you again.

Thank you.

- Facilities Project Manager, Strathcona County



Aerial view of Broadmoor Park

Broadmoor Park                                  



 Broadmoor ParkBroadmoor Park


 Broadmoor ParkBroadmoor Park


 Broadmoor ParkBroadmoor Park


Broadmoor ParkBroadmoor ParkBroadmoor Park



Check out this video showing the installation of the waterpark service building!



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