FastTrack™: A Revolutionary Pour In Place Surface System For Tracks 

Maintaining the safety of your running track plays a big role in a runner’s success.  Poor-quality surface systems or hard-scape surfaces can cause significant fatigue to runners’ muscles, resulting in poor performance times and even chronic injuries.


Whether you oversee a university track or the local track at a sports facility, you need to provide your runners with a superior running track surface system.  You need to provide them with Softline Solutions’ FastTrack™!


The Science Behind FastTrack™

FastTrack™ is an innovative pour in place surface system that’s designed to minimize the fatigue that muscles experience when running.  Softline Solutions’ resilient track surface system is firm yet slightly resilient, which means runners can achieve peak performance without worrying about chronic injuries or fatigue.  Over 20 years of scientific and field research has gone into the development of FastTrack™ Pour In Place Surface System, so you can expect the very best.


Perhaps it is this commitment to innovation that has made Softline Solutions the preferred provider of Pour In Place surface systems in Alberta.


FastTrack: An Effortless Blend of Science and Aesthetics

FastTrack™ utilizes 100% recycled rubber crumb material, which means that your track will comply with LEED requirements.  This means your university, school, or sports facility could qualify for Municipal Tire Stewardship Grants. 


Our FastTrack™ Pour In Place surface system can also be customized with your school logo, colors, and other unique designs you may require.

Review our colour swatch to help you design your ultimate surface!




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