With the Softline Equestrian Matting range your horses have a warmer, more comfortable stable environment that saves you time on maintenance and significantly reduces bedding costs.   


  • Warmer, quieter and more comfortable – thick matting acts as a sound and chill barrier between hooves and the ground, giving your horses a quieter, warmer and more comfortable stable.
  • Reduced bedding costs – our customers save up to 80% on bedding costs from reduced wear and tear of their stable floors, having less repair and replacement costs.
  • Save time - because rubber flooring is easier to clean than concrete or straw alternatives, any downtime from stable maintenance is dramatically reduced.
  • Increase animal health and safety - Softline Equestrian Matting have proven anti-slip surfaces that absorb impacts on joints and tendons, helping to reduce injuries and promote healthier, safer horses.
  • Healthier for you – rubber stable flooring is a healthier alternative with reduced dust inhalation.
  • More hygienic – research shows that the non-porous, vulcanised-sealed rubber surface of Softline Equestrian Matting has a lower microbial count than alternatives like wood or concrete. Any soiling that may find its way under the mat has no impact on the hygiene status.


Standard Horse Stall Matting Sizes
Product Name: Product Size
10' x 10' Stall Interlocking Mat System 10' x 10' x 3/4" thickness
10' x 12' Stall Interlocking Mat System 10' x 12' x 3/4" thickness
12' x 12' Stall Interlocking Mat System 12' x 12' x 3/4" thickness
4' x 6' Straight Edge Mat System   4' x  6' x 3/4" thickness
Roll Mat System 3' x 300' x 3/4" thickness
Other systems available - call for further information


Equestrian Matting