About Us

Softline Solutions was founded to research and fulfill the need for safer, cleaner and sustainable recreation surfaces. This research led to the manufacturing of Pour In Place safety surface systems and other unique specialist surfacing systems to meet global safety standards without compromising the environmental footprint.


Softline evolved into being the leading recreational surfacing supplier for Alberta and continues to expand throughout the world. We understand the play behind the surfaces and the smiles above our surfaces. Through thorough research and field experiments, Softline knows the science behind installation in cold, dry harsh climates and warm, humid climates.


Why Softline Solutions?

At Softline Solutions, our team of dedicated and friendly rubber surfacing experts goes above and beyond to make all surfaces safe, enjoyable, and attractive.  Softline Solutions’ surfaces have been used for a variety of projects and uses, including:

  • Schools
  • Daycares
  • Playgrounds
  • Parks
  • Outdoor Education Facilities
  • Swimming Pools/Wading Pools
  • Equestrian
  • Spray Decks/Splash Pads
  • Gymnasiums
  • Running Tracks
  • Footpaths
  • Military Training Sites
  • Agricultural Matting
  • And More!


 Click here to view our interactive map showing recent surfacing installations.


Our recycled rubber surfacing materials also allow clients to qualify for the LEED program. It is just another reason why Softline Solutions strives to provide our customers with the ultimate experience in safety surfacing.


With such a commitment to producing diverse rubber surfacing for our clients, it is no wonder why Softline Solutions has been the go-to provider of high-quality Pour In Place safety surface system products.



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Whether you need a quote for a rubber surfacing project or simply want to know more about our commitment to providing superior safety surfaces, contact Softline Solutions today.